Some thoughts

In a few days, IN FLUX will be released. It’s an album I’ve been working on for more than a year, simultaneously while finalizing my first album World 1-2. Ever since I started Brave Wave (then Koopa Soundworks) I haven’t had a day of rest. I’m not complaining—I just want to say something, so bear with me. I haven’t had a day of rest and had always worked on the label, in one way or another. Daily emails, daily translations (to the Japanese musicians), generally just doing my job as a director and the guy who runs the label.

So it’s easy to lose perspective and just be totally consumed with this. But now I look back at how this little thing grew, and is growing, and I’m really thankful for everyone who lend a hand and pushed us to where we are now. The musicians who pour their hearts and souls into their creations, the kind friends who buy our music and support us, the writers who find what we do interesting enough to write about. Family, friends, everyone. I will still have a lot of work after IN FLUX (a bunch of albums I’m working on) but nothing that needs my immediate, day-to-day attention the way IN FLUX was, and I’m going to appreciate that. I will try to not initiate any new albums and just develop the few I have slowly. I will try to appreciate everything we do here and the fact that I’m making good stuff with good people for the benefit of good friends. Ain’t that the best feeling in the world? Seriously. I also have a game idea that may need to be taken to the next level. And of course, most importantly, learn Japanese.

If you ever supported the work I do, thank you. It’s really hard to not lose focus, and so easy to succumb to depression, but I have high hopes in Brave Wave. I hope I can realize them all.

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