Super Music Bros.

I had a pleasant time with Andrew Webster from The Verge talking about World 1-2 and Koopa Soundworks.

A few friends wondered about this:

Taher says he has so much material, in fact, that he’ll be putting out a second compilation later this summer.

As Andrew reports in the article, World 1-2 started as a small EP. However, the transition to a 20-track album didn’t happen immediately — I wanted to make a huge album with up to 40 tracks first. I kept adding more material and hiring additional artists until I realized it was a terrible idea. Who wants to listen to a 40-track album? Most people simply lack such capacity; we — at least I — don’t have the patience to stomach that much content. It took a lot of time for M83’s “Hurry Up” to click with me, and that’s a 22-track album. So I made a relatively smaller album in comparison, which is what we have now in the form of World 1-2, and I plan to make the followup (tentatively titled Encore) even smaller. I actually have more shelved tracks even when excluding Encore.

It’s important we remind ourselves to never make anything just for the sake of making it. “40-track album for $10!” sounds marketable and catchy, but is it really engrossing? In most cases, no, and I have a hard time believing anyone would be able to make it so. Even if all the tracks are enjoyable, it simply won’t sink in. It’ll be that huge album I’ll revisit thoroughly one day instead of that cool album I had fun listening to.

One lesson I learned from the making of World 1-2 is to always, always, always be receptive to change.

The next album, Encore, is shaping up quite nicely. I’m still refining hard edges here and there, but what we have so far is satisfying. Yes, it has a Mega Man remix — and from a (newly formed) jazz band, helmed by Andi Bissig! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: World 1-2 is coming in less than a week, and I’m looking forward to that! May is going to be an exciting month.

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