Hi, my name is Mohammed.

I'm a photographic artist, and the founder and director of Brave Wave Productions, a Tokyo-based music label. I help videogame musicians release their solo albums, and have dedicated my time to the production and publishing of remastered soundtracks. I recently directed the Billboard-charted Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack, Ninja Gaiden I–III + Arcade, and more. You can check the rest of my director discography on Bandcamp. My latest project is Streets of Rage 4 which you can pre-order on Limited Run Games.

Like a typical kid of the 80s, I spent most of my childhood playing video games, reading comics, and cheering for Bret Hart. Sega Master System was my first console (with Alex Kidd) but I spent the majority of my childhood playing the Mega Man games on Famicom. My fascination with the Japanese language started back then, when I had to sketch the Japanese letters on a piece of paper, lest I'd lose my progress in the Captain Tsubasa games. Today, I work with the composers of Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden on their solo albums.

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